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Here, you will find some books that you should have on your bookshelf if you are interested in UML, programming and software design in general.
Each book has a link to amazon.com. If you buy one using its link, I will receive cash back.  Books prices are the same as if you buy it without using  the link.  It is just for you a way to support and contribute to this project. (Alexandre de Pellegrin)

UML Books


A book I really appreciated. Martin Fowler is a master in software design.  His books only keeps effective parts of UML. It is not very expansive, has few pages, and is very efficient in the "real world"

The reference manual

For french only. This book introduced a method for working with UML in your company.

Design patterns


If you should have one book on design patterns, it should be this one. This book is just the most accessible I ever read.


 The reference book by the gang of  four. You should have it.


Allen Holub is a "pattern guru". You should read almost the two first chapters to understand why getters/setters should be bad and why you have to prefer delegation instead of inheritance (Be carefull : inheritance is dangerous!)  

Software design

Not easy to read but a reference on domain driven design. By Eric Evans.  


 I consider this book as a bible. Steve McConnel wrotes 800 pages on the art of programming. This book is not dedicated to a language. It concentrates best pratices from long experiences. If you really love programming, don't hesitate. It will help you to improve the quality of your code.

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