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Violet UML Editor is a powerful modeling software, very easy to learn and use, cross-platform, and completely free (distributed under the GNU General Public License). It draws nice-looking

  • use case diagrams
  • class diagrams
  • object diagrams
  • state diagrams
  • activity diagrams
  • sequence diagrams

Violet is intended for students, teachers, and authors who need to produce simple UML diagrams quickly. It is not intended as an industrial strength tool. There are several capable high-end UML editors available, such as

Those are fine programs for serious users of UML. However students and casual users may not like them because they are too slow, too expensive, or too hard to learn. Mike Godfrey coined the slogan: Roses are rational, violets are GNU. If you just want to draw simple UML diagrams without too much fuss, chances are you’ll like Violet. If you have more serious needs, check out one of the other programs.

Violet can be started as a single application, an applet, via Java Web Start, or as an Eclipse plugin.

Another simple UML program is UMLet.

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